Dear Member of the Leopold Mozart Academy community!

The Leopold Mozart Academy has a new dynamic web site.

     We strongly suggest that you start using it.


The web address of this site is

Please bookmark it and do not confuse it with the old site ending in .COM. The old site is still up but will be no longer updated.

The new site will provide you with the most current school information, calendar of school events, class schedules, homework and much more. It will link you with the school's facebook posts and youtube channel. It will also allow you to maintain your own blogs, participate in discussions and comment on the site's information.


Please read carefully the following instructions:

Your child may already have a logon account to the site! 

1. Point your internet browser to

2. On the blue user menu bar below the slide show, click "Member Login"

3. Enter your user id (your child's user id is first and last name spelled as one word)

4. Enter your temporary password (if you never changed your password it is "ChangePassword" without quotes) and click "Login" button

5. You will be taken to your account page. Please change your temporary password right away: Click "Edit" tab

6. Scroll down to "Current Passowrd" box and enter your current temporary password.

7. Click in the "Password" text box and enter your new password, then enter it again in "Confirm password" box

8. If you want to change any other information, you can do it here

9. Complete word verification (this is needed to protect the site from spam) and click "Save"


If you already had done this, please disregard this page!

If you child does not have an account pre-configured (unlikely!), go to the instructions on the next page.